SU(u)CH SV-00 Dainty's Claim to Fame (Flame)


Born: 1997-10-04

Hips: UA, Elbows: UA

 Flame is Swedish Show Champion. She has 3 cc´s to her credit and BOB at Stockholm, Int-2000, subsequently being SV-2000. Year 2005 Flame become BIS from veteran class at Nåntuna Open Show. In January 2007, Flame at 9 1/2 years went reserve-BIS at GRK's open show in Vellinge. Flame went BoB-veteran in Hasslarp the third of June-07. At the Golden retriever clubs club show in 2007 (161 entries) Flame was second best bitch from the veteran class and BIS-veteran.

For more information: Rasdata or SKK:s Avelsdata

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